NYFA’s The Backlot highlights Direk Eileen and her creative process

Writer, Director, and Producer Eileen Cabiling discuss her creative process and her inspiration for the critically acclaimed short film Basurero at the New York Film Academy’s The Backlot.

Listen to the podcast here.

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Eileen Cabiling guests in Democracy News Live to discuss the issue of anti-Asian hate crimes

Anti-Asian hate crimes are rising across the United States since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. To discuss the issue further, Rohit Gandhi of Democracy News Live discusses the issue with Eileen Cabiling (Filmmaker, United States of America), Alan Ma (Associate Consultant) and, Jenny Kubo (United States of America).

Direk Eileen discussed the various challenges hurdled by Asian Americans across history, since the 1860s.  She noted that Filipinos for example, have always been considered second-class citizens and suffered from racism, along with their Asian counterparts.  She likewise pointed out that these were exacerbated recently by the past administration.

The interview was streamed last March 24, 2021.

Watch the full interview here. 

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Basurero is a finalist at the 4th Nepal International Film Festival

Basurero will be screening in Kathmandu, Nepal this coming May as an Official Selection and is in consideration for the BAGMATI AWARD at the 4th Nepal International Film Festival.  The NIFF will be held from May 6-10, 2021.

The Basurero team has had the honor of meeting and spending a most wonderful time at the Busan International Film Festival in 2019 with award-winning Nepalese filmmakers Anup Thapa and Prabin Kumar Rawat.  It would be a treat to see them again.

The Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF) is one of Nepal’s premier annual film and cultural events. Started in 2018, NIFF was founded to celebrate various forms of storytelling and narratives from all over the world.

The NIFF is an initiative born out of a desire to conduct exchanges in film and culture between Nepal and the rest of the world, and to create a conscious, responsible and appreciative film culture and atmosphere in our country. The end goal for NIFF is to make Nepal a hub for global films and filmmaking and to find a fertile field for Nepali films to spread globally.

Learn more about NIFF here.

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Rise & Shine with FilAm Creative puts the spotlight on Direk Eileen Cabiling

Women’s History Month celebration continues as Rise & Shine celebrates 10 episodes of award-winning social impact filmmaker EILEEN CABILING, who chats with Ed & Rex about her film BASURERO, an international hit at film festivals worldwide!

Inspired by an Al Jazeera report, Basurero documents the story of a Filipino fisherman (Jericho Rosales) who dumps bodies into the ocean for vigilantes during the current drug war. Eileen compares her cathartic experience filming in the Philippines to her work on independent and studio films in America. Plus, don’t miss her great answers for Rise & Shine’s 13 Things!

Rise & Shine w/FilAm Creative spotlights the many artists, entertainers, and influential creative minds in the Filipino & Asian American communities. Rise & Shine is hosted by Ed Mallillin & Rex Sampaga, with co-hosts Roni Canieso & Kayemee, and featuring Jeremiah Castro and Veronica. Rise & Shine is produced by FilAm Creative, in association with RAS Music Group and Malinius, LLC.

Catch new episodes every Tuesday on YouTube and wherever you download your favorite podcasts. FilAm Creative, Inc. educates and advocates for the Filipino-American entertainment community and all looking for a collaborative workspace in order to achieve greater representation and career advancement.

Watch the interview here.

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Basurero will have its Africa Premiere at RapidLion – The South African International Film Festival 2021

Basurero’s next stop: Johannesburg, South Africa, for the RapidLion – The South African International Film Festival 2021.  Live screenings are happening on April 5-11, 2021.

It’s an honor to be an OFFICIAL SELECTION and in COMPETITION for the RAPIDLION AWARD.  Grateful to the RapidLion Programming team for having us this year.

RapidLion – The South African International Film Festival, awards the RapidLion to winning entrants. This award is fated to be the most coveted film prize outside Europe and North America.

To be held in Johannesburg, the city with the biggest man-made forest in the world, boasting the richest square mile in Africa, with the largest diversity of creative and friendly people than most metropolises in the world.  As such, it is considered to be the greatest city in Africa.

The South African International Film Festival, RapidLion, is where all filmmakers from Africa, the African diaspora, and BRICS countries will showcase their best work.

At RapidLion, the experienced will converge with the upcoming and together find ways to lead each other towards the creation of even more magical cinema.

For more information about RapidLion 2021, click here.

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