Remembering Basurero’s World Premiere at BIFF 2019

October marks the anniversary of Basurero’s World Premiere at the 부산국제영화제 Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) 2019. 

Get a glimpse of our amazing red carpet experience here. 

Our lead actor, Echo (Jericho Rosales), was supposed to join us but his flight was canceled due to a typhoon.  Seemed like a quick flashback to our first attempt to shoot the film, as that was canceled due to a typhoon as well.

The ride in Basurero’s journey has truly been one hell of an adventure.  Truly surreal, and even more so when the whole world shut down with COVID!

Grateful that I was able to experience two on-site festivals before the pandemic started.

Thank you Sascha for convincing me to fly in early to have the red carpet experience.  

My heart goes out to family and friends for all the support and love you gave me and my team to make my first movie.

It has meant so much and I am super-psyched for the next one…cheers!

Eileen Cabiling, Writer-Director, Basurero

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