BASURERO is about a Filipino fisherman named Bong living and working in an urban fishing village on the outskirts of Manila. He struggles with there hardly being any fish in the sea due to climate change and overfishing. With a large family to support and his livelihood seriously in question, Bong dumps the killed (“trash”) into the ocean for the faceless vigilantes working the drug war. His story follows a day after he dumps the “trash”. A day when the killings’ hit close to home, with his neighbor’s son murdered for selling shabu (crystal meth).

Paralyzed by guilt, Bong struggles with the darkness of the killings, as his soul battles the fear instilled by the drug war. Meanwhile, his humanity searches madly for the light.

The film studies a character involved in the current Philippine drug war and addresses the humanity of it all. In other words, some say this war is a cover-up to instilling fear and discipline while killing the poor. On record, as of 2020 the official death record is 5,500 mostly poor people have been killed. Off the record, human rights groups have been citing 27,000 plus since January 2016.

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