Basurero screens at Buster Film Festival 2021

Basurero will have a special screening and discussion around socio economic effects of climate change at the Buster Film Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark this coming September 29.

Details for tickets here.

What are the Filipino fishermen facing?

The Philippines has one of the most bio-diverse marine ecosystems in the world. With its vast coral reefs, a large coastline area, and highly productive seas, fishing has always been a reliable source of livelihood for Filipinos in the Philippines for centuries.​ In recent years, Filipino fishermen have noticed a drastic decline in the quantity of their catch — and also the size of their catch.
Among the reasons for the decline in the fishing population are:
climate change
illegal or destructive fishing methods
irresponsible tourism
recent territorial disputes with China
Thank you to programmer Mariella Harpelunde Jensen and team for having our short and opening it up for thoughtful and hopefully impactful discussions.
YEAR : 2020, 2021,
Climate change is putting pressure on our living conditions all over the globe, but the devastating consequences are hitting the world’s poorest countries hardest – among other things. because working with sustainability and reorganizing everyday life is not free! The two films in this short film package shed light in concrete and present form on how economic inequality in the world has a decisive impact on how the climate crisis is handled and humanizes the problem.
Beavers without Borders / Nina Constable / Great Britain / 2020/17 min
Meet a group of volunteers working to release beavers in the south west of England. They hope to recreate the landscapes that will be able to accommodate the increased rainfall in England.
Basurero / Eileen Cabiling / Philippines, USA / 2021/19 min The fisherman Bong from the Philippines is facing a paradoxical and desperate job change. There are no more fish in the bay where he lives, but he has to raise money for his family.
We look forward to welcoming activists from Collective Against Environmental Racism. After the screening, they will introduce us to the concept of climate justice and help us put climate crisis and climate policy in relation to inequality in the global community.

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