Basurero shares its back story at RIFF 2021 Q&A

As I evolve as a storyteller, I am realizing how storytelling continues to deepen this existence by connecting me with others in such moving conversations.

Amongst my family, childhood friends, even my third grade teacher, an author, poet, artist named Ryan Kent appeared. he was representing RVA Magazine covering the Richmond International Film Festival screening.

I learned that Ryan thought the film was about drug addiction. He was completely taken by the film and what it was really about. I don’t think he knew much at all about the Philippines and its layered indigenous colonized history and complex psyche.

He had no idea about the thousands of extra-judicial drug-war killings. Just like many of the audience members that have screened the film outside of SE Asia- like in Finland, Portugal, Johannesburg, Dublin, Canada, Mexico, Greece, Denmark, Turkey…For most of the world, the Philippines and what is happening there is barely covered in the World News. At least that is the case here in the United States.

BUT for me – I am a Filipino. It is the divine clay I have been gifted in this lifetime to play with, explore with and work with as an artist and storyteller. Life for me as a Filipino is cathartic — controversial, treacherous, mystical, whimsical, deeply painful at times, conflicted, angry — transformative, at the very same time humorous (joke-joke), happy, tribal and beautiful. I mean colorful!

The Basurero team of artists and I never intended on having any didactic answers when making this film. For us it was an exploration into a psyche of a man willing to dump killed bodies for cash. What is that inner landscape about? How is that justified? Why is he doing this? We wanted to pose the question – How can one find self-value, love and purpose in a system or mind-set that does not care for or value him?

And as we developed the story, prepped and edited — it enlightened us all how “the mundane-day after” can reveal so much.

I am honored to share this one artist’s (journalist, musician, poet, author) – Ryan Kent’s- thought-provoking insights about our film and how it affected him personally.

Thanks Ryan for watching our film and for the conversation. It means so much that our film from the Philippines is creating discussion, making its impact on a personal and collective level.

Thank you RVA Magazine for the the space to be heard, especially in my the town where I grew up as a minority and often felt unseen and unheard.

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Direk Eileen talks about her Fil-Am roots on Ep48 of ShoPowSho

I’m honored to share this talk with Patrick Michael Strange,  on being a Filipino and creating Filipino Stories.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the many identities we take on in life. Although these identities are not who we are — it is our clay in this life time to work with.

One of mine is being a Filipino-American. I am so grateful for this opportunity!  Filipinos all over the world have been handed a deep and colorful card.

Thanks to Patrick Michael Strange and his team – Kat Stevens and Tina Michelle for shining the light on Filipino voices all over the world and for continuing the conversations.

Click here to see our talk.

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Basurero screens at RIFF 2021 on September 9

Basurero will be screening on September 9, 7:45 PM, at the Bowtie Theater, during the Richmond International Film Festival 2021 (RIFF 2021). With a Q&A afterward with Direk Eileen Cabiling.

You can get more details about the screening here.

Moreover, we are also proud to announce that Basurero is nominated for the “Best of Festival” award.

The RIFF is one of the largest international competitive film fests in the Mid Atlantic.  As an inclusive and spirited festival designed to honor true film artists, the festival provides a collaborative platform between local filmmakers and other filmmakers from around the world. Through its film productions, shot in Virginia each winter, the festival is an exciting collaborative platform for writers, filmmakers, and the arts community as it brings great talent together and helps launch careers.

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Direk Eileen Cabiling hosts PIXNOYS on Aug. 28

Catch Direk Eileen Cabiling on August 28, 8 pm EST (August 29, 8 am, Manila), as she chats with Pinoy animation giants, Ronnie Del Carmen, and Ricky Nierva to talk about animation as a craft, and the process behind producing it.


RICKY NIERVA joined Pixar Animation Studios in May 1997. He began with the animation team as a visual development artist and did additional storyboarding on Toy Story 2. He was the lead character designer for Monster’s Inc. and was awarded an Annie Award as the character art director for the Academy Award® winning feature Finding Nemo and led the production design on Up and Monster’s University. Nierva was born in San Diego.


RONNIE DEL CARMEN is a Filipino animation writer, director, story artist, story supervisor and production designer. He did story work on Oscar winning Ratatouille. He co-directed and was one of the story writers for the 2015 Oscar Winning Best Animated Feature Pixar film Inside Out, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. He was the story supervisor on Pixar’s tenth full-length computer-animated film, Up and directed its accompanying short film, Dug’s Special Mission.


EILEEN CABILING has been venturing in the magical World of Animation since 2004. She started as a Production Supervisor for Nickelodeon’s JIMMY NEUTRON, RUGRATS IN PARIS, and WILD THORNBERRY feature film campaigns and eventually became a Staff Writer for Walt Disney’s Emmy-nominated series, MY FRIENDS TIGGER AND POOH. She story developed and was the Show Runner and Co-Creator for a green animated series titled WORLD of ANIA and KIN by COPA STUDIOS for DISCOVERY KIDS. She continues to work as a Story Development Writer and Producer on Animated Children and Young Adult Series for production companies, mini and major studios.


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Basurero vies for Best Int’l Short at RIFFA 2021

Basurero gets nominated for Best International Short at the Regina International Film Festival & Awards 2021 (RIFFA 2021).

It is an honor to be nominated and screened in this prestigious festival this year.  Congratulations to the whole Basurero team for making this happen.  A big thank you to all our supporters who have been with us through all this time.

Learn more about RIFFA 2021 here. 

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Basurero attends the Filmmaker Chat at WHFF 2021

Basurero continues to be screened live and online at the 30th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival, and Direk Eileen Cabiling and Darlene Malimas, Producer, engaged with other filmmakers from other stellar short films Limestone, Such A Deal, and Or, the Whale for the Filmmaker Chat.  Hosted by Steve Young, the discussion was held last July 25 at 10 am.

Watch the panel discussion here. 

For more information and ticket details, visit

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Catch our Director’s Commentary at LASIFF 2021

You can still catch the screening of Basurero and other stellar short films at the LA Shorts International Film Festival 2021.  Included in the access is the Director’s Commentary by Direk Eileen Cabiling — the ideas behind the choices that she and the team made, in making the story, characters, and the film in general.

Watch Basurero and Direk Eileen here.

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Basurero is featured in Showbiz Sosyal

Basurero is featured in an article published in Showbiz Sosyal last July 13, 2021.  Written by Celso de Guzman Caparas, the article shares the movie’s most recent run at the LA Shorts International Film Festival 2021 (LASIFF 2021) and on how happy Direk Eileen Cabiling is to be part of the festival.

It also gives the readers an idea of how far Basurero has covered in the international film festival circuit since it had its World Premiere at the Busan International Film Festival 2019 (BIFF 2019), highlighting the major festivals where it has had screenings so far.

You can read the whole article here.

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Basurero goes to Canada for RIFFA 2021


Basurero is happy to announce that it will be having its Saskatchewan Premiere at the Regina International Film Festival & Awards (RIFFA) 2021, on August 10-14, 2021.

The Regina International Film Festival & Awards (RIFFA) Foundation Inc. is a non-profit cultural arts organization. Our five-day International Film Festival supports and highlights Saskatchewan filmmakers, hosts masterclasses, industry talks, and special events to encourage visiting filmmakers and local filmmakers to connect and learn from one another. RIFFA’s robust international program seeks to build community capacity in the cinematic arts to encourage inclusion, human connection, innovation, and self-expression through storytelling. RIFFA strongly encourages stories with a unique point of view and critical perspectives that can create positive social change and empower marginalized communities.

You can get more information about virtual tickets here for about screenings and panel discussions:

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Danny De Lillo interviews Direk Eileen Cabiling for the NFMLA

Basurero is grateful to NewFilmmakers Los Angeles and Danny De Lillo of Stage Five MovieMaker Magazine and FilmLA for the talk with Direk Eileen Cabiling about the making of Basurero.  We are honored for the opportunity to be part of your visionary series.

Host Danny De Lillo sat down with filmmaker Eileen Cabiling to talk about the making of her film Basurero.

NewFilmmakers LA (NFMLA) screens monthly at South Park Center. Each month, NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) presents red carpet screenings of documentary, short, and feature films that have been selected from submissions from all over the world, followed by a Q&A with each films director. NFMLA provides a forum where filmmakers can be recognized for their contributions, have open audience discussions about their projects, and connect with industry professionals for insight on distribution, production, acquisition, and representation.

Catch the full interview with Direk Eileen Cabiling here.

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