Basurero screens at SCIFF 2021 on December 12

Basurero will be screening live at the Santa Clarita International Film Festival (SCIFF) on December 12.  Theater 1, Block 3, 2 to 4 pm.  Tickets are on sale now!

We are grateful to Programmer Michele Nasif and her awesome team for having our film in the roster.   We hope it will make an impact to the audience.  We are equally indebted to the Basurero team and our supporters – you made this possible.

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Basurero screens live at the 11th ESFF on Nov 19

We are delighted to share that Basurero is an Official Selection screening LIVE at the 11th Edinburgh Short Film Festival on November 19!

We are grateful to Festival Director Paul Bruce and team for having our film at this magical festival.

Devoted to screening short film from Edinburgh, Scotland and around the world, The ESFF evolved from the Leith Short Film Festival in 2011 and has shown everything – from the first film made in Somalia in 20 years, to Oscar nominated shorts from Australia, the USA and

Ireland, as well as short films smuggled out of China and Iran – and hosted visiting film-makers from China, Russia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland and all over the UK.

We have hosted Q&A sessions with Mark Kermode, held pavement cinema screenings at pancake kiosks, hosted a night of Shetlandic shorts with visiting Viking warriors, and we’ve taken some of our best short films on tour to international film festivals around the world, from the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival to Tokyo’s Short Shorts Film Festival among many others!

Fri 19th November – Programme starts at 7:30pm (GMT), Summerhall, Edinburgh EH1 9PL

Box office is now open and tickets often sell out in advance, so check out this link for tickets:

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Basurero shares its back story at RIFF 2021 Q&A

As I evolve as a storyteller, I am realizing how storytelling continues to deepen this existence by connecting me with others in such moving conversations.

Amongst my family, childhood friends, even my third grade teacher, an author, poet, artist named Ryan Kent appeared. he was representing RVA Magazine covering the Richmond International Film Festival screening.

I learned that Ryan thought the film was about drug addiction. He was completely taken by the film and what it was really about. I don’t think he knew much at all about the Philippines and its layered indigenous colonized history and complex psyche.

He had no idea about the thousands of extra-judicial drug-war killings. Just like many of the audience members that have screened the film outside of SE Asia- like in Finland, Portugal, Johannesburg, Dublin, Canada, Mexico, Greece, Denmark, Turkey…For most of the world, the Philippines and what is happening there is barely covered in the World News. At least that is the case here in the United States.

BUT for me – I am a Filipino. It is the divine clay I have been gifted in this lifetime to play with, explore with and work with as an artist and storyteller. Life for me as a Filipino is cathartic — controversial, treacherous, mystical, whimsical, deeply painful at times, conflicted, angry — transformative, at the very same time humorous (joke-joke), happy, tribal and beautiful. I mean colorful!

The Basurero team of artists and I never intended on having any didactic answers when making this film. For us it was an exploration into a psyche of a man willing to dump killed bodies for cash. What is that inner landscape about? How is that justified? Why is he doing this? We wanted to pose the question – How can one find self-value, love and purpose in a system or mind-set that does not care for or value him?

And as we developed the story, prepped and edited — it enlightened us all how “the mundane-day after” can reveal so much.

I am honored to share this one artist’s (journalist, musician, poet, author) – Ryan Kent’s- thought-provoking insights about our film and how it affected him personally.

Thanks Ryan for watching our film and for the conversation. It means so much that our film from the Philippines is creating discussion, making its impact on a personal and collective level.

Thank you RVA Magazine for the the space to be heard, especially in my the town where I grew up as a minority and often felt unseen and unheard.

Click here to read the whole article. 

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Basurero screens at the 14th Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival 2021

Thrilled to be sharing that Basurero is an Official Selection and will be screening at the 14th Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, with a live online Q&A on November 8th.  For tickets or details on how to watch online, please visit:


Thank you to PAAFF Festival Director Selena Yip and team for including Basurero this year.  We are excited to be seeing all the amazing selections!

Now on its 14th year, the PAAFF has grown to be the largest Asian & Pacific Islander film festival on the US East Coast and the third-largest in the nation.

Since 2008, the PAAFF is proud to have presented dozens of culturally relevant films to broad and diverse audiences through the main festival program each November and year-round screening series.

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Basurero screens at SDFFF 2021 on October 15

Big news for our film from the Philippines!

Basurero is an Official Selection and will be screening LIVE at the San Diego Filipino Film Festival this October 15th.

The San Diego Film Cinema (SDFC) is founded to be the home of the best of the global Filipino films in San Diego. SDFC recognizes the importance of the discovery and exhibition of global Filipino stories and the nurturing of the voice of the emerging Filipino filmmaker to promote a better representation and understanding of the global Filipino experience, cinematic arts, and our shared humanity. SDFC aims to provide unity and pride amongst our Filipino and Filipino American communities, inspiration to young creative artists and thinkers, and a unique cultural experience to the diverse audiences of San Diego.

Details: Oct 15th – 5:30pm: Shorts Program II: Larger than Life — AMC 12 Otay Ranch

For tickets and other details, click here.

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Basurero screens at New York Shorts on Oct 5-31

Basurero an Official Selection and screening all of October 5th-31st at the New York Shorts International Film Festival.

Celebrating 10 years New York Shorts International Film Festival. Over 300 films will be part the 2021 Official Selection, making New York Shorts the largest short film festival in America on the East Coast. The festival has established a tradition of discovering filmmakers who have gone on to receive industry accolades.

New York Shorts is committed to bring the theatrical experience back to New York City. The festival has established a reputation amplifying underrepresented voices in short-form cinema from around the globe.

Here are some words from Asian Movie Pulse by Adam John Symchuk ❤Basurero (Dump) follows an impoverished fisherman named Bong. With a large family to support, Bong becomes desperate for money and turns to dumping a body in the water for pay. However, the grim task does little to alleviate his situation, and he begins to fear a fate similar to the “trash” he has been paid to throw away… It succeeds through avoidance of portraying actual acts of violence and instead focuses on how the human rights violations can affect individuals.”

Check here for tickets and the screening schedule.

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Basurero screens at Buster Film Festival 2021

Basurero will have a special screening and discussion around socio economic effects of climate change at the Buster Film Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark this coming September 29.

Details for tickets here.

What are the Filipino fishermen facing?

The Philippines has one of the most bio-diverse marine ecosystems in the world. With its vast coral reefs, a large coastline area, and highly productive seas, fishing has always been a reliable source of livelihood for Filipinos in the Philippines for centuries.​ In recent years, Filipino fishermen have noticed a drastic decline in the quantity of their catch — and also the size of their catch.
Among the reasons for the decline in the fishing population are:
climate change
illegal or destructive fishing methods
irresponsible tourism
recent territorial disputes with China
Thank you to programmer Mariella Harpelunde Jensen and team for having our short and opening it up for thoughtful and hopefully impactful discussions.
YEAR : 2020, 2021,
Climate change is putting pressure on our living conditions all over the globe, but the devastating consequences are hitting the world’s poorest countries hardest – among other things. because working with sustainability and reorganizing everyday life is not free! The two films in this short film package shed light in concrete and present form on how economic inequality in the world has a decisive impact on how the climate crisis is handled and humanizes the problem.
Beavers without Borders / Nina Constable / Great Britain / 2020/17 min
Meet a group of volunteers working to release beavers in the south west of England. They hope to recreate the landscapes that will be able to accommodate the increased rainfall in England.
Basurero / Eileen Cabiling / Philippines, USA / 2021/19 min The fisherman Bong from the Philippines is facing a paradoxical and desperate job change. There are no more fish in the bay where he lives, but he has to raise money for his family.
We look forward to welcoming activists from Collective Against Environmental Racism. After the screening, they will introduce us to the concept of climate justice and help us put climate crisis and climate policy in relation to inequality in the global community.

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Basurero screens at RIFF 2021 on September 9

Basurero will be screening on September 9, 7:45 PM, at the Bowtie Theater, during the Richmond International Film Festival 2021 (RIFF 2021). With a Q&A afterward with Direk Eileen Cabiling.

You can get more details about the screening here.

Moreover, we are also proud to announce that Basurero is nominated for the “Best of Festival” award.

The RIFF is one of the largest international competitive film fests in the Mid Atlantic.  As an inclusive and spirited festival designed to honor true film artists, the festival provides a collaborative platform between local filmmakers and other filmmakers from around the world. Through its film productions, shot in Virginia each winter, the festival is an exciting collaborative platform for writers, filmmakers, and the arts community as it brings great talent together and helps launch careers.

Get more information about the RIFF here.

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Basurero vies for Best Int’l Short at RIFFA 2021

Basurero gets nominated for Best International Short at the Regina International Film Festival & Awards 2021 (RIFFA 2021).

It is an honor to be nominated and screened in this prestigious festival this year.  Congratulations to the whole Basurero team for making this happen.  A big thank you to all our supporters who have been with us through all this time.

Learn more about RIFFA 2021 here. 

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Basurero attends the Filmmaker Chat at WHFF 2021

Basurero continues to be screened live and online at the 30th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival, and Direk Eileen Cabiling and Darlene Malimas, Producer, engaged with other filmmakers from other stellar short films Limestone, Such A Deal, and Or, the Whale for the Filmmaker Chat.  Hosted by Steve Young, the discussion was held last July 25 at 10 am.

Watch the panel discussion here. 

For more information and ticket details, visit

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