Basurero Screening at Minikino Film Week 2020

Deeply heart-moving to know that friends and people from all walks of life watched Basurero. From what I heard, we had a full house and our film received huge applause from the audience.

Thank you Sierra Siri Prakash Bullock for capturing the moment and Edo Wulia and the Minkino Film Week programmers and team.

I felt like I was there. Felt the energy!

With much love and gratitude always.

Minikino Film Week, 4-12 September 2020

If you happen to be in BALI this weekend ­čÖé

BASURERO will be screening at the MINIKINO FILM WEEK SEPT 4-12, 2020.

Many thanks to Festival Director Edo Wulia and the team for having our film at your very special festival. Wish we could be there!

A unique and out of ordinary International Short Film Festival to reach out to the daily life of the local community. The screens are arranged to provide opportunities for people to re-experiencing the collective film viewing, furthermore to build a space to discuss about their experiences, promoting critical thinking of what they have just watched. Larger screen, watching the screening together, stimulating and encouraging spatial and social awareness.

MFW involves a variety of Micro Cinema & Pop-Up Cinema venues around the island, proposes accessibility for locals in Bali, as well as offering a compelling and unique exposure, for those who want to visit and get to experience Bali more intimately.

Screening Times: Sat 9/5 @18:00 and Sun 9/6 @18:30

Section: SURPRISE / Time to take a ride into the dark and see the light at the end.

Other shorts curated in our category – Bura by Eden Junjung/Indonesia/Singapore International Film Fest; Wild Will by Alan King/Australia/Clermont Ferrand; Important Police Shit by Andrew Betzer/USA/Clermont Ferrand; and Mare by Vule Vasquez/Spain/Festival de Malaga.